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Adults in Scouting

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Adults in Scouting

We welcome ALL offers of help !

Week by week, our volunteers empower young people to learn new skills, make new friends and stand on their own two feet. They’re our everyday heroes. They shape young people’s lives for the better, and find out a whole lot about themselves in the process, too.

Today, there are nearly 60,000 young people on the waiting list to join Scouting across the UK. Scouting is more relevant and more needed than ever, but it’s not always easy to keep up with the demand. So far in spite of increasing numbers the 10th Croydon has managed to avoid waiting list, but only because of the help of an ever increasing group of parents and other volunteers.

We want to keep it that way and that’s where you come in.


How Can YOU Help

You don’t need to be Bear Grylls to join us. You don’t need to have been a Scout when you were younger. You don’t even need to know how to put up a tent. Our door is open to people of all ages, genders, races and backgrounds, and we’re only able to change lives because people like you lend a hand. We’re talking about tea makers, tidy-uppers and skill sharers. We’re talking about mini bus drivers and first aiders. We’re talking about students who want to boost their CV, and parents who volunteer so they can spend more time together as a family.


FREE Award Winning Training

Whatever your skillset, lend a hand for as little or as much time as you can spare, and we promise you’ll get more out than you put in. Because whether you’re helping a leader to run an activity in the local town hall, organising a night away, or buttering 120 slices of bread a group of very hungry eleven year olds - no two Scout meetings are the same. The difference you make, though, is always great.

We provide the training. You show up, get stuck in, and make memories for life.

Sounds fun? Worthwhile? It is.


More help needed due to Covid

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To continue operating during the present crisis, the Group has obviously had to comply with considerable additional constraints and requirements. We have also had to "Do Our Best" to anticipate future requirements, and to develop contingency plans.

As part of our contingency planning we foresee a possibility of having to lower the number of young people in each section.

Luckily we are allowed to run more sections, for example two Beaver Colonies, and/or two Cub Packs. We also have the space and resources to do this, but almost overnight we would need some more adult volunteers, even if just to maintain our required adult supervision ratios.

You would NOT be thrown in at the deep end, that's not how we do things here, we would divide some of our experienced teams, and mix the new volunteers in with them. Your help has never been more essential, we have a great team, all volunteers and everyone here really enjoys the difference they are making to young lives, why not pick up the phone and have a chat to see how you could help.

Donation Some Time and Skill


Lets be honest we can all do something reasonably well, and the magic word is "reasonably" well. There are so many things we would like that would make it easier for us to do what we do, or would make it possible for us to do it better. So we have a "Wish List", but that's all it is. We try and spend every penny we recieve on delivering our service to our young members. So things like redecorating our H.Q., planting our small garden, replacing old taps or heaters always come way down the pecking order of what we are willing to spend our precious funds on, and that's how it should be.

If you have average DIY skills or can weild a paint brush we could find a job that needs doing, or organise a team for a maintenance day with a free BBQ and a beverage thrown in.

While a maintenance day is very much needed that would have to be after the Covid-19 situation allows. But these things have to be planned in advance and now the latest news indicates that at least there is light at the end of the tunnel, so hopefully we will all be able to get back to some sort of normality in the not too distant future.

If you are in a position to offer something that you think we might need or want, please give us a call. There are so many things we would like, but would never dream of asking for, because to be honest we would not expect to get them.

We are very gratefull for for any donations of time and expertise, we can all do something well enough to be of use, and many hands make light work.


Another Reason to Volunteer

If you enjoy the type of things we do, being a voluinteer can be fantastic fun. As an adult volunteer, you can also get to do virtually all the activities the youngsters do (if you wish to). I only say virtually all the activities because some things like grass sleding have a maximum height restriction. The youngsters love nothing better than watching an adult helper have a go.

Adult Volunteers