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Admin / 5th March 2021 /

What can I say about 2020, what a year. Interestingly there is a news article about us (dated 01/04/2021), and how we weathered Covid and the last year, you can read it on; In Your Area... Why not check it out?

I'm pleased to say that finally it's possible to restart the Group news page. Just a couple of snippets for now.... BUT WATCH THIS SPACE FOR REGULAR UPDATES.

10th Croydon Scout Group - Recent Events

Whilst we have been back in lockdown a lot has been going on behind the scenes. The District team decided to close the 16th Croydon Scout Group and we have taken all the children and two of their leaders into our group. Most of them have been on our Zoom meetings and have been earning their badges. We are all looking forward to meeting up when we get back to face to face meetings.

We have a fantastic bunch of volunteers who are currently painting and decorating our Scout Head Quarters, and have put in a dishwasher and washing machine, both of which will help with the additional cleaning caused by Covid. We also have an enthusiastic team headed up by Repair Ronin doing other essential repairs so that when we go back to face to face meetings everything is spick and span. We will put up some photos soon,

As you enter our H.Q there is a small open plan hallway, which is the home for several essential notices. Previously it's proved difficult to ever make these look professional and keep them neat and tidy. Obviously we did not want these to "Let Down" the newly refurbished H.Q. so we looked around to see what was available and were lucky enough to discover Discount Displays, who have been kind enough to donate some of their professional display frames, again photos soon once we have them fitted.

There will also be new signage for the billboard and a freshening up of the outside of the hall. And we have been able to get a new FREE banner for the outside of the hall and many thanks to Banner Buzz for providing it, I would suggest other charities needing sinage check this business out. They can do any custom Banner Printing, displays, graphics signs with your logo and flags for special events etc., And if you are a charity (at least at the moment) THEY WILL DO IT FREE, So get in touch with them now at www.bannerbuzz.co.uk !!!


We have been given the go ahead by Scout Association to start face to face meetings from 29th March outdoors. For the time being, we will still have the same (reduced) ratio of 15 children and 5 adults/helpers. So anyone who can help out will most welcome and extra help will allow us to run more meetings.


We have all been waiting for the "Go Ahead" - to get back to real Scouting in the Great Outdoors. GREAT NEWS!!! While we are not quite back to business as usual, we now have the "Go Ahead" for face to face meetings, so these will be resuming, without delay. EVEN BETTER!!! As we come out of lockdown, we now have the "Go Ahead" for most of our outdoor activities. True we do not yet have to go ahead for camping yet, but that is now definitely in sight. So, this being the case, we are provisionally planning some sleepovers, so that we will be ready literally as soon as we are given the O.K. As to actual camps, they will follow soon thereafter, so 2021 "should" be a great year for Scouting. !!!

Quick Announcement

Your entire Group Website has been rebuilt to improve navigation and speed. It's difficult to do that without intoducing a few errors. So will all leaders make a point of checking out at least their section thoroughly and report any mistakes they find.

Also let me know, (via Kay) of anything you want changed or added. Normally I would have liked to visit your sections and discuss the content of your parts of the site with you. Covid made that difficult, so I have had to work blind to an extent, but it's your site and we can revise anything.

Coming Events

24th and 25th April 2021

New Activity News

We have annouced that we will be running a 2 day activity day on the 24th and 25th of April with all three sections in attendance and running their own programmes and activities. Activities will include, laser tag, archery, fire lighting, grass sleding, knife and axe, pioneering, orienteering, shelter building and much more.


A big thanks to Barry and the team at Frylands for helping make this possible. We ran a similar event in December just before the most recent lockdown came into place and it was a huge success.


We are extremely excited to get back to the great outdoors and so are all our members, after the lockdown it looks like we are currently on track to have 100% attendance for the trip.

Various Dates

Linking with Air Scouts

We have also started a side project with the 44th Croydon Air Scouts to help them with recruitment and also buddy up on some of our activities. Offering both group a wider range of experiences and activities

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