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  • Accounts to Yr End Dec. 2020
  • Treasurers Report to Yr End Dec. 2020
  • Accounts to Yr End Dec. 2021
  • Treasurers Report to Yr End Dec. 2021
  • Animated Knots
  • AA Route PLanner
  • Transport For London
  • Southern Rail
  • Google Maps
  • Easy Fundraising
  • Just Giving
  • Repair Ronin, Help with our repairs
  • Charity carpentry for those in need
  • National Youth Agency - Covid-19
  • The Scout Association - Covid-19
  • Scout Assn Getting Back Safely
  • RAC Route PLanner
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  • Web Design - Elegant Themes
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    10th Croydon Scout Group - Quick Links to ENTIRE Site

    Annual General Meeting Links

    AGM Links - Are Internal Links to Annual Group Reports / 13/07/2021

    Minutes of the meeting and any other reports can obviously only be posted after the event.

    Internal Links

    Every Page On Our Site


    Internal links are to other parts of our own site, so providing our site is working all these links should be fast and reliable.

    Internal Links - Every Page On Our Site / 08/03/2021

    On Site Scout Publications


    These are Internal links, to various extracts of Scouting publications (PDF files). We have stored the most popular on our site for your speed of access. The link you follow will take you to the specific thing you were interested in. Some are the complete publication in one self contained file.

    Scouting revises it's publications from time to time, and so our extracts "may" not be as up to date as those on our National Website.

    On Site Scout Publications / 08/03/2021

    External Links


    External links are to other websites. So if you follow one you will leave our site, that's no problem but when you want to get back to us, just use "Browser Back" as often as necessary and you will return to the page where you left us. Secondly we have no control over other sites, and they may move or delete pages and we wont know until someone tells us.

    If you get a "404" Error, it simply means the page has been deleted, moved or changed it's name, again use "Browser Back" to return to us. If this happens please let us know so we can update our links.

    External Links / 08/03/2021

    Coming Soon

    Coming Soon Links - Being worked on again now ! / 08/03/2021

    The pages below are currenly being worked on.

    IF the page below actually has a title, then it's reached the BETA stage, meaning it appears to work, so it has been uploaded into web space, so unexpected problems can be found and fixed.