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10th Croydon Scout Group

In the U.K. alone Scouting provides
38 million hours of unpaid youth work


Your help and support helps make this possible

Scouting is a charity
but there are financial costs to what we do
ALL donations are gratefully received

Wanted !!!

There are many things that we could use that would help us deliver a better service. You may have some of these collecting dust in a cupboard.
Why not put them to good use and donate them to us ?

Down For Wanted List

Donate FREE Money

Most of you will be shopping online this Christmas. Please consider doing some good whilst shopping online, checkout the link below, It cost you NOTHING, shop at your usual favourite online places.
We get a donation that cost you nothing

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Donations Welcome

Even the smallest donation can make a big difference, because every single penny you donate goes directly in to group funds without any deductions.
All donations are most welcome and gratefully received

All Donations Welcome


Some Donations Do Not Cost You a Penny !!!

See below how you might be able to help us.


Do you have any of the following gathering dust
That you no longer Need?
  • Outgrown Uniforms
  • Camping equipment
  • Laser Tag equipment
  • Youth Hiking Boots
  • Youth Hiking Socks
  • Children's Waterproofs
  • Walkie Talkie Radios
  • Any Sort of Trailer
  • Childs Booster Seats
  • -
Why not give your
serviceable clutter
a new lease of life?
Call 07927219324 now to help

Thank You

£450 Needed


  • To help with the costs of getting young people and members of the 10th Croydon Scout Group back doing the activities they love and learning the skills they need.
    We are half way there!
Donate Now!
Visit Just Giving Above
Or Call 07927219324 to help

Thank You


Now days more and more people are doing shopping online, and I'm sure a lot of you will be.
  • Please consider doing some good whilst shopping. Joining Easy Fundraising doesn't cost you a penny. Use your normal online shops and sites through this site.
    (Cost you NOTHING!!!)
Visit Easy Fundraising
Or Call 07927219324 to help

Thank You

Some Longer Term Fundraising Targets

Two Patrol Tents


  • Just over £700 each
  • Sewn in groundsheet
  • Heavy duty canvas
  • Rot and mildew repellent
  • PVC coated mudwall
  • Double sewn seams
  • Service life 20 + years
  • Warmer & Lighter
  • Fire Retardant
Donate Now!

One Donation

Just £19
A young refugee arrives in this country, no friends or family, no money, and doesn't speak English. All they want is become a Scout, it shouldn't happen but it did happen. There isn't a Scout Group in the country that wouldn't take them. We are a charity, not a business, but what we do has unavoidable costs. We are not Government or State funded, any donation, however small makes a big difference to a child's life. Uniforms are an essential part of Scouting. A single donation of £19 enables us to provide one to someone who cannot afford it. If you do that we will cover ALL the ongoing costs!
A single donation of £19 can totally change a young life.
Donate Now!

A Base Camp


  • 393gsm ‘A’ cotton duck
  • Very heavy duty
  • Rot and mildew repellent
  • PVC coated mudwalls
  • Double sewn seams
  • Fast easy to put up
  • Service life 25 + years
  • Fire Retardant
Donate Now!